Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Punktwolken Bearbeitung - Neues Autodesk Labs Tool

Aus den Autodesk Labs kommt ein brandneues Tool zur Verarbeitung von Punktwolken in Revit.

Der Schnelligkeit wegen hier nur ein kurzer Überblick des Tools auf Englisch.

Point Cloud Feature Extraction for Autodesk Revit 2012 provides the following tools to facilitate the point cloud editing after it is inserted into Revit:

Crop/Uncrop: Temporarily hide the points outside a rectangle or polygon
Hide Point Cloud: Temporarily hide the whole point cloud object to facilitate the inspection of the feature extraction result
Adjust Axis: Transform the point cloud data so that floor can be aligned with XY plane and major walls are parallel to Z axis

Moreover, this plug-in includes some main features specifically for Revit so that the extracted features / geometry can be smoothly integrated into the BIM workflow:

Datum Extraction: Extract both level and orthogonal grid
Site Extraction: Extract both terrain surface for ground surface creation and building footprint on terrain surface for building pad generation
Wall Extraction: Extract both straight wall layout and arc wall
Floor Extraction: Extract floor from selected points on the floor plan level


The Point Cloud Feature Extraction for Autodesk Revit technology preview is licensed for a limited term and for a particular territory as referenced in the End User License Agreement.

The technology preview will operate until August 1, 2012.