Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2015

Autodesk Revit 2016 Release 2 verfügbar

Alle Subscription Kunden können sich freuen: ab sofort steht das R2 für Revit 2016 zum Download zur Verfügung. Einfach im Autodesk Account unter “Produkt Updates” nachschauen + freuen Smiley


Liste der Erweiterungen / Verbesserungen:

  • Draw Visible Elements Only (performance)
  • Global Parameters
  • Family Element Visibility Setting (Family Editor)
  • Thermal Zoning (Analysis)
  • Enhanced Revit Links
  • Cancel Multi Sheet Print or Export
  • View Filter UI Improvements
  • Revision Enhancement
  • Isolate Solids/Voids with Filter Tool (Family Editor)
  • Per User RVT Link Unload
  • Improved Project Browser
  • Name Reference Plane
  • Autodesk Raytracer
  • Railing Preview
  • View Underlay and Orientation Improvements (descriptive language)
  • Enabled Copy Paste in Perspective Views
  • Choice to Select Wall Join Type (behavior) during Wall Creation
  • Fabrication Part Modeling Enhancement
  • Electrical Design Enhancements
  • Mechanical Design Enhancements